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Dr Maryati Maharon or also known as Dr Marr is a trained Medical Aesthetic Specialist residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her focus is on non-invasive medical aesthetic enhancements dealing with injectables and high technological machines in producing safe, natural and effective results. She is a major influence for medical aesthetics for the country and is actively promoting ideas of medical aesthetics via her own blogs, social media and interviews with various magazines and media.


Lifestyle Blogger

Dr Marr is a talented writer and she has been writing a lot of blogs on medical aesthetic techniques, services and products. Follow her blog posts to get the latest in aesthetic trends and services available.

Aesthetic Specialist

Dr Marr is a talented and well trained aesthetic specialist focusing on non-invasive cosmetic enhancements and health optimisation to keep you looking young and beautiful longer whilst increasing your performance. She is an expert filler and botulinum toxin injector and is experienced handling multiple machines and aesthetic products. Click here to see the clinics she is attached to.

Beauty & Health Speaker

Dr Marr is a very eloquent speaker who enjoys giving talks and training on health and medical related topics, as well as beauty and trends. She is fluent in both English and Malay and delivers precise powerful presentations. Check out her interesting videos online and don’t forget to follow us.

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Medical Aesthetics & Lifestyle Services

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Latest Blogs

Happy New Year 2018

Wow. It is a new year already and honestly, last year felt like it went through so fast. For anyone running a retail or service retail business like me, you can actually relate as to how challenging the past year was and honestly surviving the past year has given a different outlook to life. And yet, we survived, and perhaps […]

Hyabell dermal fillers – giving you that natural softer look

It is the last week of the year  and we celebrated Christmas yesterday. Merry Christmas to those celebrating. Perhaps its just me, but I felt that this year’s celebration was a bit less as compared to before. We went to a few christmas parties but overall it was very basic. Yes, it is a hard quarter for all of us, […]

Depression is a killer…

It is the year end and a lot of changes have occurred in my life. The biggest perhaps is shifting homes again after 2 years being hidden in the middle of the city. I will miss my KL Tower view but to be fair, the view of this new high rise is mesmerising especially in the mornings. My heart is […]

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