Exercise is a must – Even if you don’t have time.

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Recently, my good friend gave me a 3 month free pass to use a gym. Despite not being a gym person, I thought I’d give it a try. The gym was near my office, but getting there was already a 15 minute aerobic cardio exercise from walking. This was good, since I needed to warm up before getting started. The […]

Mother’s Day Promotion….

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     Last week we had a nice event in Faceworks Clinic for Mother’s Day. Although it was a week earlier, but the thought that counts and we had a good turn up of guests. You can see pictures on our Facebook Faceworks Clinic Page – http://www.facebook.com/FaceworksClinic (Do like our page if you could 🙂 ). It was a wonderful event. I […]

Sexy Lips……… In 15 minutes…

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Lips… Lips… Lips….. Everyone is so obsessed with lips. Which is why cosmetic companies make so much creating lipstick and lip conditioners from various types to various colours. When a person looks into your face, the 1st thing that catches their attention would be eyes than lips, hence it is normal for us to want to have perfect lips. But […]