Know Your Injector……..

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Fillers and BTA (botox/dysport) are still perhaps the bread and butter of medical aesthetics despite the emergence of new technologies and machines. It is a simple technique requiring injection of products into the skin layers/muscle to create a more appealing youthful look almost instantly. It is a very lucrative business too. Because of this, a lot of people try to […]

F1 Fever…… Sepang International Circuit 2013

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Its F1 weekend following Spring Collection Fashion Week Launch. Usually I am not really a fan of F1 racing because I personally do not like crowded areas. But this year, I was given a seat at the Grand Stand, so hopefully it will not be as bad. Despite my lack of lustre, I do find myself pretty excited. I guess […]

Interesting gifts to help your loved ones…….

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Today I’ve decided to write on something less serious and more entertaining. Having a lot of friends, family and meeting a lot of people, you tend to come across many personalities that sometimes does not appeal to your own positive self. There are just some people who are forever negative, and regardless of how you try to lighten things up, […]