Tried And Tested……. Part 4 ……..

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Its been a quiet Ramadhan month. Personally, I have found the idea iftar at home is more inviting. Probably all the caloric restriction diets I’ve been on throughout the pass year has reduced my crave for food as much as I did before. The only thing driving me nuts now is the lack of caffeine. Recently, I was visited by […]

PRP Updates – The Vampire Facial?

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Recently, there is a lot of hype about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facial since our beloved Kim Kardashian decided to get hers done and post the video on Youtube. There were multitude of responses from complete horror to complete awe. And whilst the whole population was amazed to see the procedure, it is not really a new thing. (Sourced from […]

Ramadhan Mubarak

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Its Fasting month again, and Muslims from all around the world are fasting during the day to fulfil their religion obligations and more prayers are done, more reciting of the Holy Book. We are quite fortunate this year because the weather has been merciful with occasional rain to counter the previous heatstroke and haze episodes we had previously. I have […]