Tribute to MH 17 …… May your souls rest in Peace.

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It is definitely a sad Ramadhan for Malaysians. The ending of the football World Cup series marked the start of the Zionist bombing and massacre of Gaza. Many children and women died overnight whilst the whole world was focused on the semi-finals. It is definitely horrific news. Religion aside, which part of humanity allows such mass homicide is beyond understanding. […]

Fasting Month 2014

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‘Its raining its pouring, the old man is snoring, he went to bed and bumped his head, and couldn’t get up in the morning.’ It finally rained after a few hot days of haze and sun. My head was throbbing so bad this morning, I predicted heavy rain. And my prediction of rain was correct. Its funny how my head […]

Ramadhan promo……

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Salam Ramadhan peeps…. a picture tells a thousand words. Sharing this for the benefit of my patients. Don’t miss the exciting promotion. For more information Call us at 014-2233268 or email to

Thermage – To do or not to do?

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Doing freelance without an office has really made my life go upside down trying to keep up with the stuff I have to do. Recently I have just been appointed as a consultant and module writer for a Basic Aesthetic Course for supporting staff under Open University Malaysia. Its a tedious job, but I feel honoured to be given the […]