Fat – Is it good or bad for you?

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I decided to talk on something different than beauty today, since many have been asking me about this question. Its all about fats and cholesterol and the controversial studies that came out this year about the use of statins and whether they are actually beneficial or not and that fats are not the main culprit of disease, rather it is […]

Medium Face Peels – TCA Peel

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In my previous entry I talked about how chemical peeling has been one of the oldest but most effective (and economical) ways to keep skin looking healthy and tackle some of the superficial signs of ageing. Being in Malaysia, where there is 12 hours of sunlight daily, and constant heat of 27-35 degrees year round, a lot of the deeper […]

Chemical Peeling – Old technique, new advances, economical and still good results.

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Recently, I have been asked what would be my favourite method of maintaining skin health and youth. To their surprise, laser was perhaps last on my list. Living in a super hot tropical country with high humidity, perhaps doing laser on your face is maybe a bad idea. Especially if you are not particular enough to consistently wear sunblock (even […]

November Rain

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I have just realised its been almost a month since I had time to sit and update my blog. October was such a whirlwind month that I had to remind myself to breathe in between. And now it is November. Wow. Times flies so fast these past couple of months it is scary. Come November, it is more of the […]