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Dr Maryati Maharon or also known as Dr Marr is a trained Medical Aesthetic Specialist residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her focus is on non-invasive medical aesthetic enhancements dealing with injectables and high technological machines in producing safe, natural and effective results. She is a major influence for medical aesthetics for the country and is actively promoting ideas of medical aesthetics via her own blogs, social media and interviews with various magazines and media.

Dr Marr was previously attached to Faceworks Clinic in Starhill until it was closed in 2014, where she decided to do more of research and free lance work for awhile until she opened up Dr MM Clinic as a private office to work on her multiple projects. During this time also, she took up studying and continued to train under a few physicians, expanding her knowledge into anti-ageing, stem cells and lifestyle medicine. She writes her blog on medical aesthetic procedures and products which are available in the Malaysian market. Occasionally you can see her being interviewed for her opinion on medical aesthetic trends and treatments.

Dr Marr graduated from the University of Malaya from the class of 2004 MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery). She then did her housemanship in Hospital Kuala Lumpur dubbed as the busiest hospital in the city. After completed 3 postings there, she was then sent to Hospital Selayang for another 2 postings before being offered as the setup team for Hospital Ampang in Pandan Mewah. Children being her initial passion in medicine landed her in the Paediatric department where she was actively involved in neonatal and paediatric care and management. During this time also, she was exposed to Hospital IT systems, disaster management and managing minors under SCAN (suspected child abuse and neglect) which allowed to understand more about management and laws. However, due to a break in her marriage at that time, she later decided to indulge into medical aesthetics to allow more time to manage her own children. Prior to resigning from the government service, she completed 9 months of intensive ENT posting for a better comprehension of head and neck anatomy and management of ENT problems which would benefit in the long run.

Dr Marr is a highly intelligent and talented aesthetic specialist who has received various trainings locally and abroad. She is a expert filler injector with personalized training conducted for anglo saxon features as well as asian trends. She is highly skilled in handling all sorts of fillers and is trained to use not just hyaluronic acid fillers, but other fillers such as Radiesse, Sculptura, Aesthefill, Aquamid and Alganese. She is also trained to use multiple types of botulinum toxins such as Botox, Dysport, Xeomin etc, and is not limited to just wrinkle management but also including clinical applications such as migraine headaches, masseter hypertrophy, bruxism and hyperhydrosis. She is also trained to use all sorts of Lasers and medical grade high energy devices which she is able to even create her own protocols for various treatments.  

In her professional field of medical aesthetics, she is known to be a well skilled and experienced practitioner who is always up to date with the latest treatments, technologies and protocols. Sometimes she conducts training for her juniors as teaching is also one of her passions. She also gives health and beauty talks to the public and is a very strong influencer of medical aesthetic trends.

Dr Marr is also a trained humanitarian medic and has been sent for a few humanitarian missions by various NGOs. Her previous missions include the Nepal Earthquake in 2015, Haiyan Typhoon in Cebu Island Philippines in 2014, landslide in Padang, Indonesia in 2008 and other major local disasters like the Kelantan massive floods in 2015. She was actively involved with the aborigines and homeless under Malaysian Relief Agency until 2015, and loves to work with the younger generation to inspire them to chase their passions and give back to the society whenever they could.

At the moment Dr Marr is an executive committee for the Medical Practitioners Coalition Association of Malaysia (MPCAM) a doctor's society that stands up for the rights of medical practitioners in Malaysia especially the general practice group which is often overlooked. MPCAM works hand in hand with other doctor societies like MMA and AFPM dealing with day to day issues related to doctors in line with the Ministry of Health. The main idea is to unite all doctors to become one voice for the benefit of the current and future generation. She is also actively involved in the training of doctors in medical aesthetic techniques and have taught Master programs for aesthetics and practical hands on for medical aesthetic methods.

Dr Marr is also active with her high school alumni. She belongs to the Presstij Alumni (Sekolah Menengah Sains Tuanku Jaafar) and currently holds the post as Assistant Secretary 1. She is also a member of HOW (Home of Warriors) which is the alumni's rugby team. She is also the manager for batch's Futsal team which is pretty active in annual tournaments. 

Dr Marr has a strong passion in culture and art and sometimes you will catch her attending fashion shows, art gallery launches, performance arts, live music and historical events. She is a lover of beautiful and fine things, and has a very creative and critical outlook on art. She likes to travel and explore nature and different cultures. She enjoys inspiring people with her ideas and encouraging the younger generation to look forward and achieve their dreams. 

Currently, she is working on her lifestyle project where she encourages the public to exercise, and take proper nutrition, to lose weight and to reduce stress via talks, social media sharing, blogs and other forms of media. Dr Marr is a true believer of 'practice what you preach' and it is not surprising to see her posts on fitness, exercise and nutrition on her social media platforms. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook to see the updates on health and fitness. Read her blog to know more about technology and health matters.

Dr Marr hopes to become an influencing figure in lifestyle, health and wellness for the country, because she believes that the best way to improving healthcare is by educating the public.