Chemical Peeling – Old technique, new advances, economical and still good results.

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Recently, I have been asked what would be my favourite method of maintaining skin health and youth. To their surprise, laser was perhaps last on my list. Living in a super hot tropical country with high humidity, perhaps doing laser on your face is maybe a bad idea. Especially if you are not particular enough to consistently wear sunblock (even […]

The sagging face……. PART 1 ( The Why?)

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In my years of aesthetic practice, one of the most common complaints I have from patients is that they feel that their face is sagging. Most complain of jowls seen under the jawline making them look older. So they start consuming products to sort of enhance their collagen to improve the sagging skin but most products do not seem to work. Before […]

What you should know about fillers……

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It has been a while since I wrote anything about fillers. However, recently during one of my socializing events I was faced with a lot of questions regarding fillers and botox. There was a great confusion between the two, still, despite both being very separate and totally different entities in terms of chemical compound and function.   ​​ 1. So […]

Thermage – To do or not to do?

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Doing freelance without an office has really made my life go upside down trying to keep up with the stuff I have to do. Recently I have just been appointed as a consultant and module writer for a Basic Aesthetic Course for supporting staff under Open University Malaysia. Its a tedious job, but I feel honoured to be given the […]

PRP Updates – The Vampire Facial?

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Recently, there is a lot of hype about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facial since our beloved Kim Kardashian decided to get hers done and post the video on Youtube. There were multitude of responses from complete horror to complete awe. And whilst the whole population was amazed to see the procedure, it is not really a new thing. (Sourced from […]