Fat – Is it good or bad for you?

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I decided to talk on something different than beauty today, since many have been asking me about this question. Its all about fats and cholesterol and the controversial studies that came out this year about the use of statins and whether they are actually beneficial or not and that fats are not the main culprit of disease, rather it is […]

Its All About the C’s

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Its the start of spring and we are entering the second quarter of the year. Busy schedules and a lot of hard work for most of us due to the current economic slow down that is happening worldwide. In the hustle and bustle of keeping up with the rat race, it is really important to keep our health intact to […]

Weight Loss Program that Works

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Everyone wants to look good all the time. Everyone wants the perfect body. However, with all the different types of genetic make-ups and environmental influences, not all of us a born with that perfect silhouette. It came to the point that people take for granted the excess weight and obesity that is becoming a plague among us due to the […]