Depression is a killer…

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It is the year end and a lot of changes have occurred in my life. The biggest perhaps is shifting homes again after 2 years being hidden in the middle of the city. I will miss my KL Tower view but to be fair, the view of this new high rise is mesmerising especially in the mornings. My heart is […]

60th Independence and Aidil Adha….

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It is a long holiday for Malaysians with the end of the SEA Games, 60th Merdeka celebration and Aidil Adha which is the celebration for Muslims. The Sea Games showed 145 medals to Malaysia which to the disgruntled neighbours seemed unfair and unjust. However, I must say, despite the complaints, we are seeing more and more talented athletes in Malaysia […]

10 Years And Counting……

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4th June 2017┬áis a very special day for me, since it marks one of the most incredible milestones of my life. Today marks 10 years of me leaving my marriage and deciding to stay single. Yes peeps, it has been 10 years, and looking back at all the drama, I think we all agree I have really come a long […]