Happy New Year 2018

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Wow. It is a new year already and honestly, last year felt like it went through so fast. For anyone running a retail or service retail business like me, you can actually relate as to how challenging the past year was and honestly surviving the past year has given a different outlook to life. And yet, we survived, and perhaps […]

Of Fake dentists, and You tube tutors

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Cobwebs on my blog from the lack of entries but it was for a good reason. I was working on a proposal paper and told myself that I can only write my blog once I’ve completed. But recent events have of falling sick for a good 2 weeks and then my birthday and then all the hype in the media […]

Pink Intimate System by Promoitalia

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Last week we celebrated Bella’s 11th birthday. My little girl is all growing up fast that I’m starting to feel a little bit sad that I did not get to spend so much time with them prior. But being a full time working mum who was the sole breadwinner from day 1 itself, it was the little sacrifices that I […]

60th Independence and Aidil Adha….

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It is a long holiday for Malaysians with the end of the SEA Games, 60th Merdeka celebration and Aidil Adha which is the celebration for Muslims. The Sea Games showed 145 medals to Malaysia which to the disgruntled neighbours seemed unfair and unjust. However, I must say, despite the complaints, we are seeing more and more talented athletes in Malaysia […]

10 Years And Counting……

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4th June 2017 is a very special day for me, since it marks one of the most incredible milestones of my life. Today marks 10 years of me leaving my marriage and deciding to stay single. Yes peeps, it has been 10 years, and looking back at all the drama, I think we all agree I have really come a long […]

October is Pink Month

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I think most of us would agree that this year is indeed a very fast year for most of us. Its already October. OMG, when did that happen? With the current political and economical issues surrounding our country, it has been a pretty tough year for a lot of us, including myself. After closing down the Starhill Clinic (Faceworks Clinic) […]

Welcome Year 2016

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  It is a hot and fiery new year as we leave 2015 behind and enter 2016. Dr MM Clinic is my latest project and as of today has just reached the 3rd month of operation. After almost a year of planning and a few hiccups along the way, finally I’ve decided to take a leap of faith in changing […]

Don't miss our next event

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