What’s up with Vitamin C?

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I have been asked about this question a couple of times, so I’ve decided to write about it in my blog. A lot of people wanted to know whether Vitamin C actually works. After going through a few papers and a few professional opinions, this is what I have managed to gather: Benefits of Vitamin C 1. Reduces fine wrinkles […]

PRP Facial Rejuvenation…..

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How about using your own blood to rejuvenate your face? I get a lot of reaction when I ask this question. “Blood – ewww… scary” Some would say. “Is it safe?”, and most would ask me “Why blood?” Its really a simple procedure you can do in my clinic. Using a special kit from Regen-Lab (biotechnology Swiss company) called Regen-ACR, […]

The importance of consultation….

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Its the last week of the year and everyone is in the jolly holiday mood until the New Year before we start striving hard. Its pretty quiet in my office too, most people are away for holidays and will only be back in the weekend. Taking this quiet time, I manage to organize my thoughts and plans for t he […]

Botox and Fillers Q & A

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Botox and fillers are the bread and butter for any aesthetic physician. It is what differentiates us from normal general practitioners. However, in my consultations, I have noticed that a lot of my patients have the initial belief that everything injected to the face is Botox. So instead of writing up long entries, I decided to write this as a […]

Radiesse Workshop……

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Last Sunday, I was at Pantai Hospital, Bangsar for the Radiesse Workshop organized by Servicom. The guest speaker was Dr Peter Huang, a well-known aesthetic plastic surgeon from Taiwan. It was my second encounter with Mr Huang, and both times I have been very impressed with his technique and work. Previously, it was a workshop on hyaluronic acid fillers, this […]

Faceworks Clinic Products

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Its about time I posted the newer products available in myclinic. After trying out a number of them, I finally rested my convictions on these products, which I find does give results at an affordable price. 1. Obagi Nuderm System. This is one of the most impressive sets I’ve ever come across. The Nuderm System is a 6 step care […]


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It has been a really hectic month and one of the things that I have seem to neglect is this blog which I started to share my journeys in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. With a lot going around, it was quite hard to actually find time to sit and write but I guess I have to since my BOD has […]

Quick slim medication…..

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Slimming pills use to be a fad in the past decades but since a few years back, the news of problems arising from the use of certain chemicals to reduce weight has caused it to be such a taboo. A few medications were taken off the market, although some still remained. There are many types of drugs used for slimming. […]

Chemical Peels

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I remembered a few months back a friend was asking about chemical peels. She was concerned that by doing chemical peels, the skin would become thinner and thinner. Rather, it was quite the opposite. Chemical peeling is a method used to remove certain layers of the skin, depending on type of peel used. By taking of the skins top layers, […]

Welcome to the world of aesthetic medicine….

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Some may say that it was the ancient Greeks who first supplied the world with the theory of aesthetics, running back to the great thinker Socrates and his views of relative beauty. Personally, I believe the concept of aesthetics has been there since Adam and Eve. Aesthetics is defined as anything concerning good taste and beauty. When we combine it […]