Getting rid of those jowls…. – The Fotona 4D Approach

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It has been a hectic past 3 months from the beginning of the year since I decided to start working full time again. Yes, I miss my semi-retirement mode but I think I should make good use of all the knowledge and experience I have to improve the society and the industry. Furthermore, after 2 years of taking a break and trying out new things, I have finally discovered what I really want in life. I understood myself more, and what I am capable of, and what I do not like to endure. Few small successes that I’ve achieved in the short run is one, creating my own website. This website was created by myself. I know it is not the best but hopefully slowly I will have the ability to improve it more. For my digital expert friends, do send me feedback on how to improve my website and also suggestions of widgets and scripts I should add. I would really appreciate the feedback. Taking a break from the hectic life in the city allows me time to gather my thoughts and give me more inspiration to write to hopefully after this the blog has less hiccups.

Okay… back to serious matters. If you follow my Instagram or Facebook, you would have noticed that I have joined the Luminous Clinic in Pavilion KL as a visiting specialist and that I have also taken up the role of part time lecturer for UCSI’s Masters of Aesthetic course. Two new big challenges for this year. Lets talk about Luminous Clinic.

The Luminous Clinic is an aesthetic & wellness clinic situated on the 7th floor of Pavilion KL. To reach this clinic, you would either need to take the escalator up from the center court or take the back elevator from Level 2 i.e. the valet area near the back exit of Pavilion. The seventh floor is also called the Beauty Hall, in case you cannot find it. I am only there by appointment, so you can just email or call my girls and they will arrange the appointment to be seen there. What is so cool about this clinic? Well, the clinic is right inside the mall and it has a few high end equipment for your aesthetic needs. There is Thermage, Liposonix, Gentle YAG and also the Fotona Dynamis that I will be talking about today.


So what is the Fotona Dynamis? Basically Fotona is a brand of lasers from Slovenia that started in the year 1964. Since then they have created so many laser devices providing to the EU and US and other parts of the world. The Fotona Dynamis is the newer range of laser that combines an ND YAG 1064nm and an Erbium YAG 2940nm wave in one machine to provide a more comprehensive device that can deliver better results to patients. It works for pigmentation, hair removal, skin resurfacing and also tightening with minimal downtime and minimum pain but good results.

For today, I will be writing more on the Fotona Dynamis 4D treatment which was designed to tighten up the face and reduce jowls. Today would be approximately 1 month from my last Fotona treatment done in the Luminous Clinic.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes and does not require any numbing prior to the laser. But if you are sensitive to pain, you can request for some topical anaesthesia that will take an additional 15-30 minutes. I did it without any topical anaesthesia just to understand how it feels.

So the first step after the face is cleaned is shooting the laser inside the mouth i.e. at the cheek areas from inside. It is quite painless except nearing the lip area where you may experience some heat. We need to shoot over 4 times inside both sides of the cheek to create a tightening effect of the elastin fibres. After the cheeks, the upper and lower lip inner area is shot with the laser in a similar pattern. You may feel some heat especially where there are nerve roots arising nearby. Please not that all of this is intra oral i.e. inside the mouth.

The next step is externally i.e. on both sides of the cheeks. This is using the ND Yag beam and it feels warm prickly. I think it felt more uncomfortable than the erbium Yag inside the mouth. This would be the FRAC 3 mode which would then be followed by the piano mode. The piano mode was more tolerable with the sensation was like a hot stone massage on the face. After the piano mode, you have the option to continue to the superficial mode or stop just there. The superficial mode is a light laser peel that treats the superficial layer of the skin. Usually the fluence used is very small thus does not result in a visible peel effect. After the 4 steps, you can put a mask on to cool the face or some post laser cream and sunblock.

So the verdict?

Immediately after the procedure my face felt warm with some prickly sensation. There was slight redness from the superficial peel. There is some immediate tightening which I believe was a result of the heat being given to the face but would not last. The next day, I felt my face was back to normal. The mild peeling only started after the second day and it was noticeable if I wore foundation. I moisturised more during this time and it subsided in 7 days. I did however develop a few bumps on my face from perhaps the superficial peel so I wasn’t that happy as I broke up 1-2 places. Still, the laser peel did even out my skin tone more and my face appeared brighter by the end of the week.

In terms of tightening, I started to notice tightening of the inner cheeks at around 7-10 days. My face started to look sharper after the second week with a lot of my friends commenting I looked sharper or skinnier. My weight was the same. I noticed improvements of my jowls although it was perhaps hard for other people to see. But I do admit, my face did look more chiseled. It is nearing a month since my last treatment and I am starting to feel loosening of my cheeks which is maybe why more than 1 treatment is warranted to get the best results.

From what I understood, they recommend 4 or more treatments in order to achieve a good tightening effect that lasts between 12-18 months. A single treatment would most probably be good for 3-6 months depending on the severity of the problem. The interval recommended is between 3-6 weeks. I will have to update this blog later when I am back in my own city since I lost some pictures when my Iphone 7 crashed the other day. Let’s hope we have some in the other Iphone.

How much is the treatment? Usually the laser is RM 2800 per session with a special of 3+1 deal that will make it cheaper. But for this limited time since I just joined, they’ve allowed me to give a special to my patients and readers at RM 1888 per session with a package of 4 at an offer price of RM 7552. I would definitely recommend anyone interested in face tightening to try since the results are pretty satisfactory and for the price, it is still cheaper than doing a Thermage or Ultherapy which are market leaders in the skin tightening field. This treatment is done in Luminous Clinic in Pavilion so you can either call them to book under me or you can contact my own staff and they will sort out the appointment.

For more information or to book your appointment, please contact us at or call/text/whatapps us at 0129660852and speak to either my nurse Mia or Lydia.