Happy New Year 2018

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Wow. It is a new year already and honestly, last year felt like it went through so fast. For anyone running a retail or service retail business like me, you can actually relate as to how challenging the past year was and honestly surviving the past year has given a different outlook to life. And yet, we survived, and perhaps that is the most important thing.

Looking back into 2017, there were many good and bad memories that make you look forward and want to create a better future. I lost a few friends who died suddenly that really had a toll on my heart. I lost love but I found a different type of love which I am content with. My kids were not performing as much as I wanted to, and despite my frustrations, I learnt a more important lesson in parenthood and suffice to say my daughters are so much happier now than before. Business was up and down, but each stressor opened up a new opportunity. I lost a few friends but reconnected to some others. I met new people who brings better meaning to my life. And on top of everything, I learnt to love myself more, and say no to things and people even if its just because I didn’t feel like it. 

2018 is a special year for me because it will mark 10 years of my journey in medical aesthetics. I left the government service in 2008 leaving my colleagues and my beloved Hospital Ampang that I help set up. There are times that I miss working in the hospital treating patients and working in the weird hours with my team. The demanding training I endured during my student life in UM and my working days in GHKL and Hospital Ampang is what made me into the meticulous doctor I am now. I still remember the words of my primary care lecturer who said, when you graduate, the easy part is to be a doctor, but the more challenge is to be a good doctor. It has been 14 years since I left my alma mater and I still remember these words. I promised myself to be a good doctor.

Every new year I will write down my resolutions for the year. It was funny this morning on the radio as I was sending my kids to school, I heard the morning crew Mix FM discussing on couple goals and yearly resolutions. Aisyah was for new year couple resolutions whilst Prem was not. It is an interesting concept so that couple have something to look forward to each year, and make the relationship focus better. Although, perhaps it may be a focus of stress to some people. Personally, being single, I would write my own resolutions, and my business resolutions, and now we also have a family resolution where i get my kids to write their resolutions for this year and I write my family resolution for this year.

This year’s focus is to generate more income. I’ve decided to come back to work full time and work on all my projects that has been sitting on the bench for the past year. So you will be reading or seeing more of me this year rather than sit in the shadows as previously. It will be a really exciting year for me as my forecasts look promising and the projects I am working on looks divine.

One of the things I will be doing this year also is to focus Dr MM Clinic into more of injection services. Fillers, botulinum toxins or botox, skin boosters, plasma rich platelet facials, PDRNAs, mesotherapy , EGFs and loads more. Straight forward and simple. Other services will be referred to other alliance clinics with options for me to perform or another doctor. I’ll also be focusing more on my healthy ageing talk modules for corporates, so you can also engage me to talk for your staff to learn more about lifestyle changes that affect their health. My passion in writing will be pursued more, and hopefully I can start writing my book this year. I’m starting a mini project with my girls, to teach them the early ropes of managing a small business online to allow them to fill their time with something useful rather than just play games or gossip on social media.

To all my readers and patients, thank you so much for all your support these past years. 2018 will be better and hope to bring you more knowledge and interesting new medical aesthetic products and services. If you have any special requests about a treatment or product you wish to know more about don’t hesitate to leave a comment or a message to me and I will try my best to answer.

For more information or appointments, please contact us at +6012-9660852 or email to drmmclinic@gmail.com

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