Happy Thanksgivings……

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The third Thursday of November celebrates Thanksgivings Day which is an American traditional celebration that marks the first autumn feast shared by the Plymouth Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians in 1620s. However only in the 1800s did it become a national public holiday and celebration for the country. Despite not being an American, thanksgivings always reminds me of good food and feasting and I guess the spirit behind it is the feeling of gratitude of finding a good home and friends. Subsequently, the day after is called Black Friday, where the retail shops would be open longer and with good bargains thus the highest haul of sales being on that one particular day. One of the theories behind the name is that the retail profits move from red (negative) to black (positive) on this day or end season and it also marks the first day of christmas shopping.

In Malaysia, we do not observe Thanksgivings as a holiday. But Black Friday is starting to become a trend where extreme price slashes are given on a day. Malaysians love shopping and any bargain that good, is worth waiting for. I did not have a chance to browse through the retails for the bargains but I did receive loads of email offers on hosting, retail, services. Jumping on the boat, I decided to create one for my clinic. So from now till year end we are giving out super savers packages for next year. For RM 5000 only you get to enjoy treatments at 40-50% discount from the original retail price.


This is a really good deal for patients since this year we are offering injectables as well. As we all know, the price of medical aesthetic products are on the rise and thus this will be a good way to maintain your beauty expenditures within your budget for the new year. Don’t miss this great opportunity.It is valid for 12 months so you can book the offer now and make the appointments later. Terms & Conditions apply.

For more information or to book the promotion feel free to text us at +0129660852 or send us an email to or contact us via our social media sites.