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Hyabell dermal fillers – giving you that natural softer look

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It is the last week of the year  and we celebrated Christmas yesterday. Merry Christmas to those celebrating. Perhaps its just me, but I felt that this year’s celebration was a bit less as compared to before. We went to a few christmas parties but overall it was very basic. Yes, it is a hard quarter for all of us, but look on the bright side. Year end is coming and usually new year will bring new luck. I believe so. I have been quiet myself after moving, sorting out the girls and stuff and working on my new proposal papers. Some people ask me how I can appear so positive regardless of the situation. I’ll share a simple idea that I discovered over the years.

Whether you stress about, cry about it, laugh about, or wail about it, a problem is still a problem that you need to overcome. Might as well figure it out smiling. There will always be a way.

Today, I decided to write about Hyabell, the new filler that just entered the country awhile back. I bumped into their team during our SAAARM conference and one of the reps recognised me from her previous Company. I use to do hands on training for young doctors for her old Company. I met the lovely Dr Torres who was the speaker for that day and the principal Mr Felipe Bonilla who explained to me the science behind the filler. Fast forward a few months, I tried out the filler and honestly have found a new favourite for hyaluronic acid dermal fillers because of its attributes.

Well, last couple of weeks I was given the honour to train up a few new doctors on basic theory and hands on. I always insist filler supplier companies to conduct training for the new doctors entering the field as not all doctors know how to inject fillers properly. Furthermore, sometimes they come from different backgrounds and a basic anatomy of the face is perhaps all they remember, where as when you are doing filler injections to the face, you literally need to know surgical anatomy of the face and all its structures like the back of your hand to avoid complications. This is why dermal fillers should only be injected by trained doctors. I really cannot comprehend how some people can assume that the beautician or hair dresser can do a better job at injecting fillers when they are just doing a guessing game at how to inject and not follow the proper science and technique behind. And even if they are Picasso at creating the shape, they can never get original products and they have no idea how to handle complications. Even doctors have complications, what else beauticians. So if you have no medical degree and clinical training in filler injections, please stay away until you have both. This also goes out to all those new doctors who assume its just about injecting. It is not. Please invest in training yourself. I always tell patients, if the service is too cheap its either 1. The product has expired, 2. The product is not original, 3. The doctor is not well trained. Think of it logically, would your cardiac surgeon give you 50% discount for your open heart surgery if they are really that good? I doubt so. It is similar for other medical and surgical practitioners as well.

Back to the Hyabell filler. This product comes from Germany and is produced by Adoderm which has 25 years of on going research and development in creating medical and surgical aesthetic products. Hyabell itself is not a new filler and has been sold in 36 different countries around the world. And finally it reached this part of the world. For a lot of people and even doctors, they always think that fillers are fillers, and not many are intrigued by the science behind it. Being in the industry for close to a decade and playing around with more than 50 different types of fillers, not to mention the thousands of injections done in this span, there is a lot of science and technology placed in one syringe. We started out with a normal hyaluronic acid fluid, that later was cross-linked to form a gel that would hold, and now with BDDE technology the cross-linking methods have changed thus giving the filler a different characteristic than before. In the past, all volume fillers would be heavy and you will leave a lump on the patient’s face for maybe up to 2 months in order to get that lasting volume effect, but now with more elasticity and tensibility allows you to give a more liquid feel and look to the patient’s face. This is turn will give you a more natural look rather than that plastic silicone over done look from the past. Although I have met some people who like that plastic over done look but I guess, to each its own. I prefer a more subtle naturally enhanced look. Hopefully my students would be able to appreciate my point of view.

Hyabell comes in 4 different preparations, but only 3 are available in Malaysia. You have Basic, Lips, Deep and Ultra. My personal favourite is Ultra since it has a very good lifting effect and I find that with a minimal amount I can lift up the cheeks area. It is also very firm and does not expand too much thus is suitable for bony areas such as nose and chin. Deep is more of volume filling and you can use it for cheeks. Basic is the softest filler that you can use for lips and tear trough area. The unique thing about this filler that it is quite forgivable for the injector that it makes it a good filler to start learning with. Even if you accidentally injected into the wrong layer or area, you can massage it to remove the lumps or in worst case scenarios, you can use hyaluronidase (which ideally you don’t want to since it will dilute all other fillers too).

From the patient’s perspective, they will realise that this filler is pretty light for the amount of volume and lifting it gives, especially if they have been injected with other earlier filler products. It takes about 1-2 weeks for the filler to really settle in and I would usually recommend patients to wait before deciding if they need more unless they need to fly out, then usually we try to do the most. How much fillers do you need would usually depend on what you want to do. A syringe of filler of 1ml would only be enough for 1 or 2 areas of the face, depending on age and amount of correction you need. On average, a good filler estimate would be 3 syringes especially if it involves mid face rejuvenation or cheeks. For nose and chin, you can get away with 1 syringe if you use a really good volume filler like Ultra pertaining that you are not too flat on the nose bridge. In terms of pain relief, it comes prepared with lidocaine, so there is minimal pain and there is a significant difference between the lidocaine mixed and lidocaine mixed.

How much does the filler cost? The recommended retail price for this filler is RM 2400-RM 2800 per syringe depending on range. for a limited time only we are giving out a 30% discount on each syringe. Additional 10% each syringe for 3 or more syringes. Contact us today to know more.

For more information or appointments feel free to contact us at 0129660852 or email us at , or just buzz us through one of our social media channels.


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