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Lucent – New formulation

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It has been a hectic month with fasting and then Eid and then my travels and back to reality. I took the opportunity of my girls being away to visit really old friends from my past whom I completely love and adore, and to my delight were even more cooler in person. These were friends from my gaming days when I was hard core on World of Warcraft. We were among the first few that started out on Deathwing server in the US, and thus I made a lot of American friends during this time. It was a great time, where just from behind the screen we bonded in brotherhood towards a common cause. My ex husband use to play, but he was more with his group and usually our online times were not similar unless for raids and such. Alas, the trip was short with a quick detour to Torino as Italy is always my hometown in Europe. Short but sweet, this trip made me feel special and loved on varying degrees – as a woman, a sister, a friend, a child. The experience is something money can never buy, and I feel blessed and glad I decided (although last minute) to pack my bags and go.


During this time also, I was testing out an old product with a new formulation. I wrote about Lucent before in one of the earlier entries (here) , and this simple supplement helps to lighten your skin tone. This time round, the suppliers told me they have changed the formulation to a better one, and so being the curious cat I was, decided to give it a shot. Usually prior to starting a new supplement for testing, I would rest my gut for 1-2 weeks, so that I can gauge how well the product absorbs and the results.

In this formulation, they added on vitamin C and co-enzyme Q10 into the mixture. It comes in 2 packaging, either 30 tablets or 60 tablets. I tried out the 30 tablets and stopped all other supplements that may interfere with the results. So I was only on my probiotics and multivitamins, that does not contribute to skin fairness. Prior to taking the pills, I had a chemical peel burn that also made my skin tanner than usual. Personally, I would take the tablets early morning on an empty stomach. My reasoning is simple, I want best absorption, so I usually take it 30 minutes before breakfast. I find that there is a difference when you take supplements at different times of the day and in relation to foods. For my multivitamins, it must always come after a meal and never before, as I tend to have reflux if I did.

So diligently I took the white tablets, and monitored my day to day change. For me, usually supplements work really good because my gut has been optimised to allow best absorption. I started seeing a difference on day 5. My face appeared brighter but only the face. Continuous consumption of the supplement improved the brightness of my face, and even my staff noticed I had a clearer complexion after the first week. AS for body, I think only after 14 days you start seeing a difference but it would be more than 21-30 days for a real difference in tone. Overall, 1 box allowed 3 tone differences for my face and probably 1 1/2 for the body. The other thing I did notice was the reduction in formation of pigmented scars when I accidentally injure myself or acne. I have a high tendency for PIH or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. So it is a real frustrating problem. A lot of Asians who are skin type 4 like me has a similar issue.

When it comes to supplements like this, you will need to consume for at least 3 months continuously for the best results and then maintain the results by continuing to consume. There are a few reasons the supplements appear not to work on some people such as follows:

  1. You have bad absorption in your gut thus the supplement is not absorbed well.
  2. You have too many free radicals in your body hence the vitamin C, glutathione are used up to rebalance your body.
  3. You reached a plateau or amount of brightening it can achieve. You need to remember that this is just a brightening supplement – not bleaching.
  4. You tan too much from outdoor activities like outdoor sports, swimming, diving, skiing etc.

So what are the main ingredients in this product?

  1. Phytofloral – This is said to be the main ingredient behind the whitening and brightening power of the supplement. It is extracted from specially cultivated tomatoes through a special patented process that gives two valuable colourless carotenoids which are phytoene and phytofluene that has strong whitening and photo protecting ability. Thus is brightens and whitens the skin, protects cells DNA damage from oxidative stress and protects against UVA/UVB irradiation.
  2. Coenzyme Q10 – This is the new antioxidant that was found to help repair skin damage, reduce wrinkles and boost collagen production in skin by acting as a potent antioxidant to neutralize damaging free radicals formed from exposure to UVB rays. It was discovered to be a vital component in mitochondrial energy production and shows cardio protective attributes when taken regularly.
  3. L-Cysteine – L-Cysteine is an amino acid that boosts your body’s glutathione levels, a naturally occurring antioxidant that depletes as you age. By improving glutathione production in the body, L-cysteine helps lighten the skin, strengthens immunity against a range of ailments, neutralises toxins and protects your body against oxidative stress. L-cysteine also protects against heart disease and cancer and encourages hair growth and prevents hair loss. It also reduces inflammatory reactions in the body thereby helping to promote healing and bolster the immune system.
  4. Vitamin C – Vitamin C promotes younger, clearer looking skin and is popularly known as a vital nutrient for skin health. It is needed by the body to form the structural protein collagen which firms the skin and supports epidermal strength. Vitamin C also has potent antioxidant properties, shielding the skin from sun damage and oxidative stress by neutralising free radicals activated by sun exposure and other environmental pollutants.

So how did I fair? Pretty good I would say.

The product is getting its final registration in a couple of months. Price range will be somewhere between RM 450-RM 600 per box of 30 and RM 750-900 for a box of 60. For the launch we are giving a special deal of RM 1000 / 3 boxes of 30s and RM 1800 / 3 boxes of 60s. Limited time only, and terms and conditions apply.

For more information, contact us at or drop us a text/whassapp on 012-9660852. Or you can send us a message through FB and we will get right to you.