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Medical Aesthetic Services

Dr Marr is a well known figure in the medical aesthetic field as one of the earliest doctors to be actively involved and persistently learning new skills to keep up with the demands of a more natural, less painful and more acceptable results. In view of demand and location, she is attached to a few clinics around Klang Valley to cater to the needs of her patients. To avoid any disappointment, we would recommend prior appointments to be made through her PA, stating clearly which clinic you wish to see her in and which procedure you are looking for. The easiest is to email us at drmmclinic@gmail.com or send a text to 012-9660852 and our team will get back to you immediately. You may also make an appointment at the reception of both Luminous or DHWC, but please be reminded to state that you wish to have Dr Marr as the consultant lest you will be seeing other doctors instead.


Damansara Heights Wellness Center (DHWC)

Damansara Heights Wellness Center (DHWC) is a well established aesthetic clinic situated in the heart of Damansara Heights. It is equipped with high end medical lasers and technologies to provide more options to the patients. Dr Marr is attached here as a visiting specialist, which gives her access to more treatment options to patients. Furthermore, it would be logistically more ideal for patients who do not wish to enter the city for treatments. The staff are friendly and will assist in getting the appointments done accordingly. Please quote request to see Dr Marr when making the appointment or you can book through our patient line 0129660852. To know about this clinic, you can visit their site here.

Dr MM Clinic


Dr MM Clinic was founded in 2015 as a base office for Dr Marr to run her multiple projects. It is also to service previous patients whom prefer a more private and secluded area. It also acts as a creative office where a lot of the visuals and blogs are created. Minimalist concept, the clinic is more of a basic office without much high end technologies.Functions onlyvia appointment so kindly contact our Dr MM Clinic team beforehand.

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