My Morning Routine……

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I  I was deciding what to write on whilst I was running today. It has been awhile since I had time to just listen to my thoughts and write something useful. So, I guess, I’m just going to share some personal habits that I have been practising for awhile to answer a few of the questions people always ask me like how do I sustain my energy throughout the day, and how does my skin stay looking extremely well despite my crazy schedule.

Being a single mum in the middle of a busy city like Kuala Lumpur is pretty challenging especially with no domestic help. I gave up after maid no 29. I am open to application of number 30, but it can wait. My two girls, now a teenager and a tween, which people assume would be easier to handle (I wish) look upon me as a role model for their lives and I intend to make a good model of it. Yesterday, Aina was telling me that she wants to follow my clean eating because she read some stuff on the internet and that basically the way I eat my food actually helps ward of acne and obesity. Well, good luck Aina, it would be difficult initially but once you get use to it, it would be okay.

So I decided to write on my morning routine, since it is the only time in the day I actually have time to focus on myself.

I usually wake up between 5.30-6.30 am daily, unless I had a really late night of partying then it would skew a bit. Upon awakening, I usually would pee and then weigh myself and take note of my weight. This is your dry weight. It was a habit I developed whilst going on my HCG protocols. (You can read more about HCG here) I then pray, prepare breakfast for the girls, drink a big glass of warm or room temperature water, and then send them off to school.

Returning from my mummy driver duties, I would either decide to run or stay in. This would really depend on the weather and what time is my appointment for that day. If I have time, usually I would run in KLCC park. I use to take the LRT to and fro but of late, I prefer to just walk to KLCC park. Distance wise it was only 1.5km so it was okay. I’m not really a fan of running, but it is important to keep the heart muscles strong, and also for me to learn to control breathing. Depending on how I feel and how much time I have, I usually do 5km of mixed running and walking. On good days I run more with intervals of sprints. These are good to get rid of those love handles. On bad days, I turn on my Pokemon GO and start chasing Pokemon around the park. The important thing is the consistency of the work out whether walking or running doesn’t really matter. Once the cardio is done, then I focus on my target muscles. I usually do legs and abs or abs and butt. A park bench would be suffice to do my 100 crutches (Yes, you read it right). I actually love doing crutches, especially with 1 or both legs up, you can really feel the muscles being worked out. Basically what I do is a mix of pilates, yoga and qigong. My favourite Youtube trainer is Rebecca Louise – I find her workouts easy to follow with results. If it rains too much, then I hit my condo gym. I really hate gyms because I prefer open air work outs. I carry a bottle of water with me all the time and I usually finish it by the time I finish my workout. After the workout, usually then only I will get a large cup of latte as my first meal of the day. Yups, I exercise only on water. My end point to stop would be that weird taste in your mouth that signals that you’ve reached ketosis. Then I walk or take the LRT home.


After my workout, breakfast is usually two half boiled eggs taken to replenish any protein loss from the workout and a big glass of water with apple cider. Sometimes, I take a fruit. I usually also take my other supplements such as berry extracts, virgin coconut oil and sometimes hemp seed oil to complete. Recently, I have been taking this local supplement called Harum Malam  (Blog review coming out soon) since I noticed it helps reduce body odours. When you exercise and sweat a  lot, sometimes you realize you start to smell a bit funny. I was having hormonal issues because I was literally fooling around my own body and thus was at one point I felt myself being stinky despite all the perfumes I have. Which reminds me, I need to change my perfumes soon.

So basically, this is roughly my usual routine. If I do not get up to run, I lie in bed longer reading. But the breakfast routine is pretty much the same. Tell me about yours. You can write it as a comment or email to us at and I will give my feedback. If you are trying to get yourself into a healthy living routine and seem to have some problems with it, come in for a consult, and you would be surprise as how flexible we can tailor your routine to you but still giving the best results.

For more questions or appointments, contact our team at or send us a message at +60129660852 and we will respond promptly. 


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