Pearl Fair Complexion with Lucent

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I’m reposting this blog from my other blog since some of my subscribers complained saying that I don’t write anymore. I do. But in a different blog. So to be fair to my readers, I will be pasting the blogs from the other site to here so that you won’t miss them.

Practising medical aesthetics for the past 8 years have made me realize how much the society looks for alternatives for smooth fair and glowing skin. Personally, I’ve never really been into the super fair look, I love my olive tan skin.  However, part of being a good doctor is understanding patients wants and needs. Being as fair as snow white is one of them.


So why are Asians especially in the East obsessed with being fair? Although many would think that it was due to the caucasian influence of Hollywood and blonde actresses, its actually more of social stature. In the past, the tanner you are shows that you are of the peasant group working int he fields or hard labour. Fairer people tend to be more indoors, hence believed to be of higher stature. During the Han dynasty in China, a beautiful woman is defined by pale white pearl-like skin usually seen in the palace concubines. In today’s world, despite the lack of social class differentiation by occupation, there is still a strong sense of social class interpretation by just looking at a person’s skin. This is why whitening products and make up is so popular in this part of the world.
I have had my share of experience trying out whitening products in the market from IV injections to creams to even oral supplements. To a certain extent, each and every product does have its pros. Products that fail to do much usually, I would feedback to the maker, because I am really not into writing bad reviews. My prophet once said, if you have nothing good to say, say nothing.
Today, I am going to tell about a new whitening supplement int he market. To be honest, I was asked to sample this product since last year, and it gave really good results, but they were having delays with packaging and getting the product in. It is a whitening tablet called Lucent. If you have read my previous blog reviews, there is a similar product called Crystal Tomato which I also liked.
Lucent is produced by another company with similar ingredients and an added touch. Each box comes in 60 tablets of 400mg pills containing lutein extracts from tomatoes, vitamin c, glutathione and coenzyme q10. It promises more luminant skin within a few weeks consuming.


So what’s the verdict? I took 2 boxes of Lucent.Initially I took 1 tablet in the morning and 1 at night both on empty stomach. The pills were the size of a panadol actifast, and it was easy to swallow. It was not bitter to taste. During this period I stopped every other supplement I was on including my vitamins. My assistant noticed my skin looking brighter after 7 days of taking 2 tablets daily. After the second week, I also noticed some of my pigmentation have lightened and my skin tone looked more even. I became a bit more adventurous and took 2 tablets in the morning and 2 at night and within 3 days, my skin became a tone lighter. I continued for a week more then went back to 1 tablet morning and 1 tablet night time. After the 1st 90 tablets (6 weeks), I decided to put myself on maintenance, i.e. 1 tablet on the morning for the remaining 30. The fairness continued until I finished and subsequently for the next 2 weeks, when I started to notice the effects diminishing. But for what it’s worth even on only 2 boxes I had a continuous brightening of almost 4 months.
According to my suppliers, the recommendation is to take 2 boxes 2 times daily (2 months) and then maintain a tablet a day for the next 4 months (which technically is only another 2 boxes). You can also opt to continue the supplement to maintain your skin fairness and it is also a good oral sunblock.
1. Skin brightening and fairness as early as 7 days.
2. Acts as a oral sunblock to protect from UV rays.
3. Lightens existing pigmentation as early as 4 weeks.
4. You can take more to hasten effects without any major side effects.
5. During maintenance, 1 box will last you 2 months so it can be more economical.
6. Avoids the hassle of frequent IV injections that can cause pain, or if not careful vein
    injuries and hardening.
7. Long lasting effects even after stopping the supplement.
8. It is a supplement not a drug. So far, there is no adverse reaction to the product to any of
    the vital organs.
9. It supplements other whitening treatments undergone, thus giving a more lasting effect.
10. Perhaps a complete must have for PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) prone
     skin to have in their daily routine to avoid PIH and lessen the duration of previous PIH
     scars. In fact, it reduces post procedural PIH incidences of patients undergoing other
     aesthetic procedures like chemical peeling and lasers.
1. You need to be consistent to take the tablets to have the results.
2. You will only lighten to maybe 2 tones than your fairest part of your body (non-sun
    exposed area)
3. You will need to keep the supplement in the fridge, since the high vitamin C content makes
   it oxidize easier and changes the pill colour to yellow. However, even if the pills change
   colour the efficacy of the results remain the same.
So how much is this superb whitening supplement? Market price is between RM 550 – RM 650 for a box of 60 tablets inclusive of GST. At the moment, as a sneak preview, we are selling this awesome product for RM 450 a box for the month of December only. Take a whole course of 4 boxes and get each box for RM 400 only. Yes, GST included. Limited time only till 31st December.
For more information or to book appointments please email us at or text / whatsapp us at +60129660852.