Pink Intimate System by Promoitalia

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Last week we celebrated Bella’s 11th birthday. My little girl is all growing up fast that I’m starting to feel a little bit sad that I did not get to spend so much time with them prior. But being a full time working mum who was the sole breadwinner from day 1 itself, it was the little sacrifices that I had to make. Now my girls are in their teens, my presence is required more in their lives than before. A good article I read on parenting says that as your kids grow into their teens, you need to date them separately. Because each child has their own identity, and own personality. The teen years is where they discover more about themselves and try to be more independent and thus the challenges. Bella is a ┬ábeautiful child with a god given talent to art and thus the way she perceives things are totally different than her sister Aina. This past 3 months of keeping them with me everyday has taught me a lot about them and despite the sparks and arguments, and sacrificing a lot of my own me and social time, it was the best decision although my business did suffer a bit from the attention diversion. But, in good faith, it will be better.

Unfortunately, on Bella’s birthday, I had to attend a product launch and it almost broke her heart. Luckily the government shifted the Awal Muharram holiday so she had to go to school else, it would have been worst. Also, special thanks to @Bakephoria for accommodating my last minute request for a pure vanilla bean petit cakes (Bella only likes vanilla cakes), at least afterwards the celebration was super. You can check out my Instagram @drmarr for birthday videos and cake pictures.

The product launch that I attended was hosted by Oralix Medical and their principal Promoitalia. It was an interesting talk as I was already interested in the products. They launched 3 separate products which was the Pink Intimate system, Whitening system and Celluform. But for today’s blog I will focus more on the Pink Intimate system as it is one of the many problems I always get asked about.

So what is the Pink Intimate System?

It is actually a treatment to lighten up sensitive areas of skin namely around the genitalia, anus, nipples and arm pits. This is not a treatment to be done on the face. I have been searching for a good product to do these sensitive areas as some of the whitening agents can be pretty irritating and are restricted to other parts of the body. So, why is it important? There are a lot of women who have darkening of the armpits, pubic area, perineum and inner thighs especially when they are a skin type IV i.e. neither fair nor dark. Most of the time, it is due to constant friction of these areas i.e. the rubbing of skin over skin causing slight irritation and thus darkening. Sometimes, it is post waxing, or even IPL or plucking. Others are due to post inflammation reaction to things like acne or folliculitis especially around the pubis area. Furthermore, as a women ages, her perineum, genitalia and nipples start to darken especially post pregnancy. There is no one treatment in the market that actually handles these problems safely until this product came out. Prior to this, we use to do a combination of superficial peels and brightening solutions but this comes with risk of skin irritation and worsening post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

How is the procedure like?

This is an in clinic procedure, where the area is cleaned and dried and the solution is applied and massaged in. It is then left for a few minutes, then rinsed, dried and reapplied again until approximately 3-5 times or until there is skin irritation. The whole procedure would take approximately 30 minutes, without any downtime, or pain and thus can be done during lunchtime. It is basically like doing a chemical peel on the face, and despite being very safe, needs to be done in office. You will see an immediate improvement but you need to have a minimum of 3-5 sessions (depending on how dark the pigmentation area is, some even up to 8-10 times weekly) for the results to last. The interval for each session is 7-10 days and after you get the result you want, you are advised to come for monthly maintenance.

So how does it work?



The combination of the ingredients inside this concoction allows the whitening products to penetrate deep into the dermis without causing much irritation to the outer layer. The urea plays an important role in this combination. The whitening ingredients then act on the tyroxinase enzyme to inhibit the tyrosine melanin pathway thus giving a much stronger whitening effect. (Similar to the action of glutathione). The other ingredients also handles the melanin produced to give a lightening effect, and arnica acts to reduce inflammation to avoid future post inflammatory inflammation from the procedure. It also has a tightening effect, so it also tightens up the skin around the groin, and vagina. Similarly, it whitens up arm pits and nipples. Some women experience darkening of nipples after pregnancy. This system helps to return the pinkness. Although it may not work with originally dark nipples.

Who can do it?

Anyone above the age of 18, be it man or woman. For men, we can use the system to brighten up the groin and testes area and also the perianal and armpits. (I did specifically ask them) With more men into fitness and doing boyzilians, they do get a bit anxious with darkening of these areas.For ladies, it would be a good and safe method to lighten up those darken areas. I remembered treating a patient who came to me after using an under arm whitening product that made her armpits inflamed and darker. She may have spent less than RM 100 for the product, but had to spend close to RM 3k for the treatment. The problem with some beauty products (especially those locally made), they tend to over claim via testimonials (yes, I can easily sponsor 50 people to give testimonials for a product I make) rather than real clinical or laboratory studies to show efficacy and safety. This is perhaps why I am skeptic when it comes to testimonials. The best skin types would be 4-5, i.e. the tanner you are the more obvious the results. For really fair people, you may not see much difference, unless the pigmentation you have is very obvious.


Per treatment would rack you up a few hundreds and since you need to do more than once, it would definitely be a few thousand for a course. The recommended selling price in Malaysia is RM 800/ treatment but some doctors are selling it for cheaper since it is still in introductory phase. In Europe it is around 300 euros per session. Ask my clinic for a quote.

Since this treatment is new in the market and a lot of my patients has been asking for this treatment, we are giving out a special promo price till end of October. Say good bye to those dark armpits and nether regions. Regain the confidence without having to worry about the pigmentation. Let’s do it in a safe and clinically proven way.

For more information or appointments, please contact us at drmmclinic@gmail.com or send a whatapps to +60129660852 or message us via Facebook or Instagram (Dr MM Clinic)