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Anti-Ageing Work Up and Solutions

A lot of people believe that genes play an important role in keeping young. Studies have shown that genes only play a 10% role of keeping young. The rest is due to the environment that interacts with our genes. Because of this, a lot of Companies have come out to produce so called products to help you age gracefully or keep young. But how do you know you are in the right direction? Or how do you actually start?

The best way is to have a proper coach. Someone who can monitor your progress and bounce you back to the right direction. Someone that has an open mind to accept the alternative methods you choose, and yet has enough integrity to keep you safe. Dr Marr is a known figure in the anti-ageing and aesthetic world. With her own methods, she has guided patients towards a much better living quality with better control of their previous diseases and achieving the best version of the patient in the shortest time possible. Coupled with her clinical experienced, she is able to give you a comprehensive evidence based plan for you to start changing your life. Together with advanced medical investigations and tools, she can specifically work on the problem areas before it escalates. And if you need a boost or a short cut, she has the necessary resources to get it for you.

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