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Tried & Tested – Harum Malam

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It has been a whirlwind hectic couple of months for me, as I have decided to announce my come back to full time working. From seeing patients, training doctors, studying, doing experiments, reviewing technology, attending more functions, working out and handling my two lovely daughters, it is definitely a major task to be at my prime at all times. However, with knowledge and practice, I think I’ve found a way to tweak not just my body metabolism, my internal systems, my physical body and also my mind to allow me to actually function on a very productive level. Slowly but surely, I am starting to understand more about myself, and I am able to help patients expand their own potential in health and performance. Like I always say, what is the point of all the money in the world if the quality of life and your health is bad? You will need a proper sit down consult with me to find out how I can help you achieve a better you, since everybody is different. Yes peeps, there is no one solution for all. Meticulous and patient study and analysis of my patient allows me to tailor make programs to suit each individual needs. I am starting to sound like a designer. Like what one of my patients said to me, “Dr Marr, you are like the Jimmy Choo for medical aesthetics and lifestyle in this country.” I take that as a good compliment.

Coming back to what I have been playing around with in the past couple of weeks. I recently came across this product called Harum Malam. It was given to me as a gift by a friend, so I decided to try it out. Lately I have been exercising a lot and I find that my sweat smell was starting to annoy me. Plus the hot and humid weather, it really doesn’t help. So, my friend suggested me to try out this product. Even though it is suppose to enhance sexual performance in women, it also helps to reduce body odours.

I am very sceptical about a lot of the local products because I know most people selling products would normally take an OEM from the factory, rebrand and relabel and sell the product without knowing much about what the content of the product is. Luckily for this product, the Company owns their own factory and does their own formulation. The main ingredients used were honey, black seed oil and manjakani. Manjakani is a known traditional herb used for women to maintain health of female reproductive and sexual organs. In other parts of the world it is called the gall of the  Aleppo Oak (Quercus infectoria) and has been used for many medicinal properties. This product also has the clearance from MOH and is registered under a food supplement product. So, out of curiosity, I tried the product. I am already on my third bottle going to my forth soon.

So, what’s the verdict? I take the product in the morning on an empty stomach. Initially I was using a meta spoon but then later I was informed to use a plastic spoon because it would deactivate the honey. My bad. One bottle lasts about 2 weeks if you take it daily two spoons in the morning. I was expecting a bitter medicinal taste, but actually it is quite a pleasant honey sweet taste. The solution is thick and pinkish in colour. I think its because of some rose extracts that they put into the concoction.

In terms of body odour, I noticed that after a week, my body odour was more pleasant even after a really hot day and sweaty work out. I admit sometimes my body odour can be disturbing especially when my hormones are skewed or depends on the stuff I’ve been consuming. I’ve also noticed that whilst on the supplement, there were no unpleasant discharges from below although typically I didn’t have any at all. In fact, it has been very good and I notice I don’t get as dry as I use to.

In terms of increasing libido and sexual performance, I cannot quite comment on that since I am currently without any partner. Whether I feel more aroused consuming it? Hmmm…. I am a healthy young fertile woman, so my libido is normal. However, I did have a few comments from my friends saying that they felt more mood and libido and better performance on it, but I guess it is subjective to the individual.

Side effects? So far, maybe the only thing that bothered me was my menses came earlier than expected, but I had less menstrual cramps. I also felt like my breasts were fuller despite losing weight which perhaps should be considered as a pro than a con. Just wish it was firmer but hey, its just a supplement drink, you can’t expect miracles. Probably a combination of prp, and rf tightening would do the trick. I did feel a little bit heaty so I had to drink more water.

It terms of price, I think it is pretty affordable. Less than RM 40 a bottle, and if you consume everyday 2 spoons, it would last you two weeks. You can read more about the product and where to purchase here. Or you can just ask us and we’ll direct you to the sellers. My rating for this product, I would give it at least 4 stars. Have fun trying.

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