Welcome Year 2016

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It is a hot and fiery new year as we leave 2015 behind and enter 2016. Dr MM Clinic is my latest project and as of today has just reached the 3rd month of operation. After almost a year of planning and a few hiccups along the way, finally I’ve decided to take a leap of faith in changing the whole concept of the clinic to a more functional one.
Besides the usual aesthetic stuffs to keep you young on the outside, Dr MM Clinic also intends to focus on overall health and wellness of you as a patient. We have a few new investigative panels and also our new epigenetics hair profiler that can help detect problems and deficiency with just 3 strands of hair, within 15 minutes of sampling. With this new device, we are able to have a general overview of yourself, to guide you towards a more healthier and youthful you. We also have new stemcell products and supplements to give you the extra boost based on your needs and requirements. 
We have also perfected our aesthetic treatments to give you more solutions to your needs and come up with a comprehensive detox program to lose weight and change your perception towards dieting and healthy eating.
As for the blogs, follow us today and you will discover a lot more about the medical technology related to aesthetics and anti-aging. I will also be posting a few Vlogs that will play a good role of explaining the things I write about.
We also have a few alliance partners i.e. other clinics or parties who offer services that we do not offer and thus you can be assured of the similar hospitality. As for this new setup, Visit us today and take a nice selfie from our beautiful view. The clinic is inside an office building with valet facilities for working days from 9am to 9pm at only RM 5/hour. There is also a basement carpark or if you prefer by foot, it is walking distance from Monorail stations and very close to Pavillion KL and Changkat Bukit Bintang. We have equipped the clinic with toilet and shower facilities for the ease of our patients. There is a comfortable waiting room, and high speed wifi for your convenience. And, as our usual policy, appointment times are flexible to not just working hours, Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays, early or late based on the patient’s preference but only with prior booking. Otherwise, most likely I am elsewhere sipping a latte and writing the blog.
I’m really excited with this new year and hope the clinic can give its best service to you. Happy New Year Peeps. May this year bring prosperity and good health to me and you.
For more information and details feel free to email us at drmmclinic@gmail.com or visit our website at http://drmarrfaceworks.wix.com/drmmclinic